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Heavy Duty Pallet Racking System

Pallet racking system in India | Heavy Duty warehouse racking system in India

A pallet rack mover is a device that makes it possible to move pallet rack without demo or the re-assembly of the storage system. They are designed to move the entire rack assembly as one unit rather than individual pieces, saving valuable labour costs.

Pallet rack movers are typically separated into different classes depending on the weight capacity of the mover. Regular or light duty movers are made from a variety of materials such as formed plastic or steel with light to medium duty caster. Light duty movers have a weight capacity reaching 5,000 lbs. per mover. In contrast, the heavy duty mover's weight capacity reaches 12,000 lbs. and are made of steel and heavy duty casters.

This moving system uses half the labour required to move any storage system from point A to point B within a warehouse or distribution centre. Facility downtime is also reduced dramatically when using pallet rack movers by moving the storage system still loaded with the stored material or product.

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