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Our continuous endeavor is giving storage solutions to customers for their various storage needs. Specialized storage systems are the answer to that. Here the type of product & the operational needs of the customer are understood & a custom-made solution is given.

Cantilever racking system solution was give to a retailing furniture company at there warehouse. The customer had various sizes & shapes of furniture, like sofas, chairs, dining tables, sanitary wares, etc, which cannot be palletized. Hence Cantilever racking giving an unobstructed (no in-between columns) continuous space is created.

Roller racking solution was given to an In-bound & Out-bound Logistic company for keeping aircraft containers, empty & filled. The company is receiving & sending a lot of these containers everyday & because of its size, storing was a major constraint. Our Roller racking made it convenient to store double deep & generate extra space for handling of the containers.

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